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About Us.

In Imaad, we sell almost anything. We are run by a group of volunteers from Singapore.
Imaad is a non-profit organization that provides food rations to needy families on a monthly basis.
Though we know we can’t be possibly be relying on charity and donations, we decided to fund ourselves from E-Commerce.

Our Story
Founded in 2016 as a charity drive, Imaad is an initiative that helps out the less fortunate families in Singapore. It does this through collecting basic necessities such as instant noodles and rice and delivers them from door to door of the needy. Imaad’s network of volunteers aids greatly in helping them to achieve their altruistic objective.

Who we are
A group of like-minded volunteers from all walks of life, with the common interest to help out families in need.

What we do
We ensure our beneficiaries will have food on their table. Like our contributors, we are committed to serving them.


What we do

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Grocery Runs

100% of the funds received from our Contributors will be used to procure groceries, and deliver them to our Beneficiaries.
On the first week of each month, we’ll collate all of the funds we’ve received from our Contributors and split the funds equally against the total number of families we are supporting. As each family have their own unique requirements / needs, we will procure the necessary items based on the funds allocated to each family.
On the 2nd week, our volunteers will proceed to purchase the items based on the agreed list of items for the family, followed by a direct delivery to them.

Beneficiary Vetting

We visit our beneficiaries, understand their plight, and offer our help. This is to ensure our priority goes to those truly in need of our help.
We receive an average of about 3-4 Request For Assistance every month. Each request is first vetted through an initial phone call to the requesting party. We ask a series of questions to determine if the family qualifies for our assistance.
Zul Zahari; our Project Coordinator, together with another Volunteer, will proceed to do a house visit, talk to the family and their members, understand their plight, and assess their living conditions. The head of the household will then need to sign a Declaration form with us, to indicate that their information is accurate and valid at the point of agreement.
This process is laborous, but necessary. Though we try to include as many families as possible, we are limited by our funding. We also have a responsibility to our Contributors, to ensure that their contributions go to those that are truly in need.

Disbursement Reporting

We believe in 100% transparency. Contribution and disbursement reports will be shared amongst our Contributors on a monthly basis.
At the end of the month, a disbursement report will be generated and be shared among our Contributors. This report will disclose all of our total funds received, and disbursed to our beneficiaries. This will not only ensure our accounting is done right, but to also ensure we are 100% transparent. Any funds remaining for the month will be rolled over to the next month.
This will report will also contain information of newly supported families, as well as statistical data of our current families being supported.


We are all Volunteers. We take no monetary gains, profits, or benefits from our Contributors. Of course, coffee or lunch is still accepted!
We come from all walks of life with varying current jobs; from logistics to software engineer to accountancy. We all have one thing in common though, and that is to help families in need.
We do not ask anything back in return for volunteering; not for fame, not for glory, not for monetary gains. We do what we do, because we believe good will come to those who do good.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Ever since Zul pitched to me how Imaad is helping out the families, I was hooked and wanted to contribute immediately.



Principal Engineer


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